Quantum Information - Research Group Michael Walter

In our research group we explore the implications of quantum mechanics on the theory of computing. Quantum computers do not simply compute faster, but operate using completely different principles than ordinary “classical” computers - this requires completely new ideas. In addition, we investigate interdisciplinary applications of quantum information to problems in other areas of computer science, mathematics, and theoretical physics. We cordially invite you to get to know our international team and to learn more about our research.

How To Get Started?


  • Mar 2022: Very pleased to have received an ERC Starting Grant on “Symmetry and Optimization at the Frontiers of Computation”. We’re still hiring!

  • Feb 2022: Together with Andris Ambainis and David Gross, we’re organizing a Bad Honnef School on “Quantum Computing” (August 14-19, 2022) with a fantastic lineup of speakers. See here for more information and to sign up!

  • Jan 2022: Our BMBF project QuBRA is starting. We’re hiring!